The Ronald Buxton Album

This album was assembled from the somewhat tattered remains of a scrapbook I kept during the three years I was a prisoner of Lieut. Ronald Buxtonwar.

I was in 150 BDE box when it was overrun by Rommel's panzers and on June 1st 1942.  I, together with many others, was 'Put in the bag'. Passed by the Germans to the Italians in Derna we were transported via Benghazi, to Taranto in Italy and then to P.O.W camps in Tuturano, Gavi and Chieti.

When Italy capitulated in September 1943 the Germans once again appeared on the scene and we were transported to a large camp at Moosberg in Bavaria, thence to Marishe Trubau in Czechoslovakia and finally to Braunschweig in Germany.

We were liberated by the 125th U.S. Cavalry on April 12th 1945.

A fellow P.O.W. was Lieut. Gordon Horner of the 72nd Field Regt. K.A. Formerly 'Sunday Chronicle' War Artist. Many of the pictures in this album were done by him and others are freehand copies done by me of some of his scetches.

Ronald Buxton




  • The newcomer and the old hand
    The newcomer and the old hand